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Kodro News

Kodro cares about informing seniors, along with their caregivers, family, and friends, with the latest news and developments regarding not only Kodro products, but anything related to Alzheimer's, dementia, MCI, well aging, and more.    Read more...

Solutions for Individuals

Solution public

Kodro Solution

Retired or active senior: 
Maintain, day after day, your intellectual and physical capabilities.
Enjoy doing exciting exercises that are adapted to your individual interests and which keep you in touch with your friends and family. 

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Kodro Evolution

Help the person you care for stay mentally stimulated while allowing yourself a break.

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Solutions for Professionals

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Kodro Institution

Specialized senior aids (in nursing homes, ALFs, CCRCs, community centers, etc.):
Quickly and simply organize cognitive stimulation sessions adapted specifically for your group of participants. 

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Kodro Pro

Professional Caregivers:
Improve the quality of your relationship with the seniors you care for. Make their time at home more enjoyable by sharing fun, structured, and stimulating activities with them.

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A secure solution

Kodro's services are 100% secure. No personal information will be released without the prior consent of the concerned person. In accordance with the requirements of Public Health codes whilst hosting health data, all information is stored anonymously in providers accredited by the Ministry of Health.